A Haven for Jose

Puzzle Café opens its doors to special employees   PUZZLE GOURMET Store and Cafe in Blue Ridge, Quezon City may seem like...

By Lorraine LorenzoOctober 15, 2017


Blade Runner

There’s no stopping this amputee from climbing mountains and sharing hope   LIKE MOST amputees, Al Fernandez entertained the idea of...

By Lorraine LorenzoOctober 15, 2017


Para Power

Pinoy PWD athletes savor success ABILITY, NOT DISABILITY.  Differently-abled, not disabled. Parallel to the Olympics, and not just Paralympic Olympics...

By Lorraine LorenzoOctober 15, 2017

49921540 - stickman illustration of a nurse taking care of handicapped kids

Incompletely Whole

Laws for PWDs are not implemented well THEY ARE PRODUCTIVE members of society, but are often overlooked and forced to take the...

By Alexa H. BacayOctober 15, 2017


Growing Together One Tree at a Time

Like Shel Silverstein’s story in The Giving Tree, forests provide numerous benefits to human development. It supplies food, medicine, and...

By Alexa H. BacayOctober 1, 2017


Tree of Life

‘Living museum’ imparts the importance of planting native trees AT THE BEGINNING of this writer’s interview with Imelda Sarmiento, advocate...

By Lorraine LorenzoOctober 1, 2017


Truths & Thoughts on Traffic (Part 2: Problem of Enforcement)

How to solve traffic problem when disregarding traffic rules is common   IN THE PHILIPPINES, people jest that traffic rules...

By Anna Liza Villas-Alavaren and Aaron RecuencoSeptember 24, 2017


Truths & Thoughts on Traffic (Part 1: Space Dilemma)

2.4 million vehicles clog the streets of Metro Manila   THE PHILIPPINES IS fast developing as a nation with a...

By Inigo S. Roces and Vanne TerrazolaSeptember 17, 2017


Disposal Dilemma

Land dispute precipitates a possible garbage crisis for Bulacan, Metro Manila   NOBODY LIKES TO listen to trash talk, but...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosSeptember 17, 2017


Yes, We Can Be Safe

‘If we prepare before, during and after a disaster,’ according to PH’s foremost emergency medicine expert “IF YOU WANT peace, prepare for...

By Dr. Ted EsguerraSeptember 10, 2017