Pack Up and Pile Up

By Focus FeaturesFebruary 26, 2017

Dr. Ted Esguerra
Dr. Ted Esguerra

By Dr. Ted Esguerra

When disaster strikes or there is an emergency, it pays to be well prepared. You will need to act quickly. That’s why it is important to have a Go Bag/ Grab Bag with you.

My version is called ‘Lucky 9’. The contents are packed into soft or rigid yet small kits into nine parts. Go Bags must be per member of the family or staff in the office. Pets must also have their own ‘Go Bags’.
A backpack is the best Go Bag as you can use both of your hands particularly in rough terrains and stairwells.

Here are the contents of the Lucky 9:

1. Multi-tool (this can be optional since students and other entities are not allowed to carry this inside schools and offices) e.g. Swiss knife

2. Water (bottled water or have your own container)

3. Signalling and Communication Kit (whistle, headlamp, fire starter/ match/ lighter, small transistor radio, mirror, cellphone, pentel pen, signaling banner, extra batteries/ mini solar kit rechargers, pen and small notebook, snap stick)

4. First Aid and Medicine Kit

5. Chocolate and biscuits, power bars

6. Apparel kit (malong, extra long sleeves, quick dry upper, quick dry long pants, single ply rain gear, hat or balaclava, etc.)

7. Paracord of no less than 5 meters

8. Toiletry kit (toothbrush/ toothpaste, antifungal shampoo, alkaline soap, insect repellant/ lotion preferably with citronella scent, ear buds, dry and wet tissue, nail cutter, etc.

9. Ziplock Kit (ziplock plastic bags, garbage plastic 2-3 folded bags, duct tape, sewing kit, rubber bands, documents, emergency numbers, money in ziplock, maps)

(Source: Readiness in Times of Emergencies and Disasters Handbook by Dr. Ted Esguerra published by Innovative Educational Materials, Inc.)