Presidential Suit

By Lorraine LorenzoJune 11, 2017

The classic barong gets the Duterte treatment

In last year’s 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force, President Rodrigo Duterte committed a fashion faux pas that shook the country’s stylists – he wore barong with denim jeans.

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella then explained that the get-up simply projected Duterte as “a working President.” Many were appalled, but more people were endeared by the Chief Executive’s unorthodox fashion statement, calling him “authentic” and “true to himself.”

The barong’s designer, Bonie Adaza of the house of Chardin in Davao, was not fazed by the President’s ‘strong’ fashion sense.

“Well, it is the President’s personal style, and he really is comfortable wearing jeans with a Barong Tagalog,” Adaza observed.

Perhaps one of the reasons he wasn’t really bothered is the President’s loyalty to the brand that has been dressing him for the past eight years – even when he was still Davao City Mayor.

For Adaza, he is elated by the President’s commitment to promote Philippine products by using them during his meetings with VIPs and during international trips.

Simplicity and style

Adaza is already an “expert” when it comes to the President’s style. In fact, he has created simple barong emblazoned with the Philippine flag. For more formal occasions, Adaza has prepared barongs with more intricate patterns showcasing Pinoy design.

His most unforgettable design was the one Duterte wore during his first State of the Nation Address, as Adaza was able to incorporate different patterns from the Mindanao tribes.

He also shared that a big consideration for his creations is the materials used. The President needs to feel comfortable because he usually wears it while working or touring the country.

Adaza feels pride in dressing up the President especially during his trips abroad where he sees his barong side by side with suits worn by other heads of state. “I’m very proud to do that for him. It is the honor of a lifetime. Not too many people know that he is a very gentle person and very humble. I know he will lead our country well.”

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