Beauty with a Purpose

By Lorraine LorenzoNovember 19, 2017

Moms get a new opportunity in life with skills training from Angking Galing


CHERIZA SISON, A 27-year old mother of one from Dampalit, Malabon, had just finished a course on spa massage conducted by the Technical Education Skills & Development Authority (TESDA). After that, she did not hesitate to take up another skills course on beauty and hair dyeing, one of the lessons being offered by the local government of Malabon under the ‘Angking Galing’ Livelihood Program.

“It’s good that I’m learning so many skills because I know that I can use what they are teaching me someday. It’s best that I keep on learning as long as I can and while they are offering us these free trainings,” Sison said in Filipino during her eighth day in class.

Michelle Villasanta, a mother of four from Barangay Potrero, is also on her eighth day learning facial and makeup application at the City of Malabon Polytechnic Institute (CMPI), also under Angking Galing. Using her daughter as model, Villasanta is one of the 20 mothers who are learning how to do proper contouring, proper eyebrow, and differentiating between day and evening makeup.

“This is the first time that I’m learning how to apply makeup, but I’m grateful for the opportunity because I know that I’ll be able to use this and possibly use my new skills to earn a living by offering to do makeup for relatives and neighbors,” Villasanta exclaimed.

Sison and Villasanta are just two of the 150 women who are beneficiaries of the Angking Galing Program launched only last October. This skills training project is being conducted in partnership with TESDA, the Metro Manila Mayor’s Spouses, and the Ricky Reyes Learning Institute. In Malabon, the project is spearheaded by Chef Melissa Sison-Oreta, wife of Mayor Len Len Oreta.

Malabon Mayor Len Len Oreta (2nd from right), Malabon First Lady Chef Melissa Sison-Oreta and Mother Ricky Reyes during the turnover of materials for the beneficiaries of Angking Galing.


“The Angking Galing program of Malabon targets the Feeding Program Mothers, parents of children who are beneficiaries of Chef Melissa’s regular feeding project. She believes that families can further benefit from this since mothers are learning new skills while their kids are getting the proper nutrition they need,” said Arnel Armas, project OIC.


Worthy initiative

Angking Galing offers livelihood training on wellness and beauty care with training in hair coloring, haircutting, facial makeup, foot spa, facial spa and manicure/pedicure.

During the program launch attended by TESDA Director General Secretary Guiling “Gene” Mamondiong, the Secretary expressed hope that this initiative can directly impact 2,244 out-of-school youths and idle young mothers beneficiaries in the 17 cities/ municipalities in the metro.

In Malabon, six barangays are recipients of the skills seminar headed by lead CMPI Beauty Care/ Hairdressing trainer Lilybeth Reyes.  Through the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the local government of Malabon was able to identify which individuals could benefit from the trainings.


LGU support

As part of the program, the participants are given trainings and starter kits from TESDA which will be used during their eight-hour, daily seminar.

“These kits will be given to them at the end of the course to assure the mothers that they can already be self-reliant and do home service or be employed in salons of the Filipino Hairdressers Association members,” said Armas.

“The training will get them a certificate of completion which they can already use to apply for jobs both locally and abroad. If they take their training further, they can actually be qualified to get TESDA’s National Certificate 2, which would further improve their chances of getting a better job,” Reyes added.

Trainings are conducted in CMPI, and in each barangay’s multi-purpose halls. Local barangay officials such as Brgy. Dampalit Captain Joey Sabaricos, would support the program by providing snacks to participants.

Brgy. Dampalit captain Joey Sabaricos (seated center), with trainers Rosalinda Macapagal and Beth Reyes. With them are the mothers of Angking Galing Program.


Mother-beneficiaries have training manuals which grades them on their work. Rosalinda Macapagal, hair coloring instructor, can feel that the mothers are very determined to finish the course.

“For more than a week now, our participants have posted a perfect attendance. You can see how dedicated and determined they are to finish this skills seminar,” Macapagal observed.


Family program

During Manila Bulletin’s visit, the seminar showcased a simple, classroom set-up where participants did hands-on and practical training. The family-centric values of the program was not lost during the training – aside from targeting mothers, the instructors also allowed the trainees to bring their kids with them throughout the course.

“If there are 20 individuals who are here to train, expect that that there are also 20 or more kids in tow. Some of the participants are among the poorest of the poor, so we understand that they can’t find extra help in watching their kids as we conduct the seminars,” Reyes said.

“The good thing about this is that since they are the Feeding Mothers, they are assured as well that their children will get consume something nutritious at the end of the day. You can see how much they appreciate this program. We have a mother here who used to spend her day just gambling. Now she’s one of our best students in hair cutting. Even mothers who are almost senior citizens also join our program,” she said.

Flourescelle Austria, PESO OIC (3rd from left); Arnel Armas, Project OIC, and Lilybeth Reyes, lead instructor with members from the Malabon Mayor’s Office.


Other livelihood programs

Aside from the skills program of Malabon, the local government also offers other means to aid its constituents and help them to become multi-skills individuals. The Public Employment Service Office (PESO), for example, helps start-up businesses by providing P5,000-worth of materials to those proposing to start a small business.

“We would help them by providing materials like equipment and raw materials such as sacks of rice and oil, and then providing relevant seminars in financial planning and investment. When we first started this project in 2012, we had 50 recipients of P5,000-worth of support. Now we have 293, and those who are still developing their business now get an extra P10,000 to P20,000 support depending on their proposal,” said Flourescelle Austria, Malabon PESO OIC.

Some of the proposed businesses include sari-sari stores and small eateries. Under the skills program, the LGU has also conducted cooking and pastry-making seminars (Chef Nanay), and also provides temporary emergency jobs under the Tulong Pangkabuhayan for Disadvantaged Workers, which focuses on environment-related jobs for those who need it.

For the Angking Galing Program, the initial beauty seminar for instructors was conducted by no less than Ricky Reyes himself.

“We try to put premium in our projects and make sure that our mothers not only gets something from it, but that they will be able to use it to change their lives. We’re really thankful that we have people like our Mayor Len Len Oreta and his wife Chef Melissa who initiates projects that will look after the welfare of the poorest of the poor,” said Armas.

Those who wish to inquire about similar projects of the local government can approach the Mayor’s office, the PESO office, and the City Social Welfare Development Department.