Sending Back the Hope

By Kim FerrerDecember 17, 2017

Even for kids with illness, the Yuletide Season will always be a time for joy

CHRISTMAS, TO ALMOST EVERYONE, is about being with the family. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with some children. Some spend the holiday season inside the hospital, enduring pain and fighting a battle for their lives. This Christmas, these children wish not just for their favorite toys, but a second chance at life.

With the dire situation these children are facing, there are organizations that make their Christmas somehow memorable by keeping their hopes alive. One of them is Kythe Foundation whose advocacy is “making the impossible task of transforming a hospital into a happy place for children battling cancer and chronic illnesses.”


Giving hope

For Kythe Foundation, simple gestures like sharing and togetherness can create a significant impact on a child as it promotes healing and growth. As the organization is composed of professionals, from life specialist, nurses to social workers and psychologist, it caters to the needs of these vulnerable children.

This Christmas, in line with the foundation’s vision, it is setting up a gift-giving basket drive called “Spread Some Cheers, Share Your Blessings” campaign. The recipients of this gift-giving program are families of child-patients from partner hospitals.

“Our goal is to fill up buckets with Christmas goodies and basic grocery items which will be enjoyed by the families of our child-patients. We wish to encourage people to share in providing happiness to the families by contributing through crowdsourcing,” said Kai Rivera, partner relations manager of Kythe Foundation.

Rivera said that beneficiaries are from affiliated hospitals in Metro Manila and Tarlac. Kythe volunteers do not only give goodies but also have personal interaction with the patients.

“Most of the families hardly experience the Christmas season because of the burden they endure while a family member is undergoing chemotherapy and other medical procedures,” Rivera explained. “That is why through this gift-giving program, we are able to help families of patients have a simple yet memorable Christmas celebration.”


Gift with a purpose

“Families of sick patients have no time to prepare for the holidays, let alone spare some budget to celebrate the season,” she said.

Since this project started last month, many have received the Kythe’s Christmas basket. Rivera shared that one of the fathers was full of joy when he received the basket full of goodies. “It uplifts our spirits when we see the smile on the faces of the children and the parents and whenever we hear ‘thank you’ or whenever parents and kids hug us as expressions of their happiness. It is heartwarming as these gestures affirm that we are doing the right thing.”

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