A ‘Taxing’ Endeavor

‘ALL TAX REFORM IS MEASURED ON HOW WELL WE SPEND THE MONEY’   One would think that the Department of...

By Lorraine LorenzoAugust 20, 2017

Free For All

R.A. 10931 promises to solve the country’s education woes – but at what cost? There was a festive mood among...

By Lorraine LorenzoAugust 13, 2017


Keep Holding On

Meeting Louis Xavier, there is no trace of the 220-pound teenager who was called fat and ugly repeatedly by bullies. Today,...

By Earl BracamonteAugust 6, 2017


Vision Quest

Boyet Fajardo: ‘I had to experience blindness to see clearly what life truly is’   ANGELINO “BOYET” FAJARDO JR. had...

By Earl BracamonteAugust 6, 2017


A Class Act

In one of the remotest barangays, a teacher dreams for his students by building a school for them In E....

By Raymund Magno GarlitosAugust 6, 2017


Kindness Matters

Sometimes, the only way to help someone with mental illness is to listen   “MARAMI PANG MAS malala ang pinagdaraan...

By Lorraine LorenzoJuly 30, 2017


Making Sense of the Silence

The struggle is real among clinically depressed individuals   IF YOU GOOGLE the word “Filipinos” in the search engine’s images...

By Alexa H. BacayJuly 30, 2017


Line of Hope

‘Know that you’re not alone, and someone can help’  IF WE’RE TO consider the suicide statistics from the Department of Health’s...

By Lorraine LorenzoJuly 30, 2017


Fostering a Culture of Reading – with the Help of Technology

TECHNOLOGY CAN EITHER be a boon or bane to reading. Some say that it is a distraction especially to the...

By Johannes L. ChuaJuly 23, 2017


SONA: State of the Nation’s Aptitude (for reading)

Are Filipino kids still reading in this era of digital disruption?   EVERY THIRD TUESDAY of July, the National Children’s...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosJuly 23, 2017