Letty’s Legacy of Love

A mother’s illustrious life, seen through the eyes of her daughter   Leticia Ramos-Shahani was a woman larger than life—a...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosMay 14, 2017

Ellen Lising

A Beautiful Life

‘Being a single parent is my most cherished role’ -Ellen Lising   If there is one thing that Ellen Lising...

By Earl BracamonteMay 14, 2017

Holy Carabao Holistic Farms

Heart & Soil

Farm produce makes families healthy and whole Holy Carabao Holistic Farms may have started out of necessity but there’s more...

By Kathrina Paz ElefanteMay 7, 2017

Malagos chocolate

Ebony & Ivory

The Puentespina’s cheese and chocolate are putting the country on the world map   “Davao loves all food that smells,”...

By Kathrina Paz ElefanteMay 7, 2017

Muni Coffee

Care for Crowdfunding?

Seeking big online support for small business ideas Filipinos have a strong bayanihan spirit. In the aftermath of a natural...

By Carlos SantamariaApril 30, 2017


Meet the giant clam, the building block of our oceans

These clams are considered custodians of the reef: They provide food as well as lodging to fish.     If...

By Jayvee FernandezApril 23, 2017

Seeing new life in an old building

A New Life to Old Buildings

Slowly but surely, conservationists are getting heard and noticed for their work on preserving and integrating old buildings into our...

By Anson YuApril 16, 2017


Quo Vadis Veterans?

The state of Filipino soldiers and guerrillas of WWII   “There is no greater honor than to die for one’s...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosApril 9, 2017

A WWII veteran

The Last of the Guerrillas

A WWII veteran shares his story of heroism to inspire the young At 92, Liberato Gagalac Sandoy has worn different...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosApril 9, 2017

Poster boy

For The Country

Lolo Vic is a ‘Bayani. Beterano. Pilipino!’ At 100 years of age, Colonel Vicente F. Alhambra, Sr. PC, (Ret) is...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosApril 9, 2017