Art and Culture


Stamp of Approval

Philately is alive – and getting a makeover – in today’s selfie generation MEMBERS OF THE country’s stamp collecting community converge...

By Lorraine LorenzoSeptember 3, 2017


From Trash to Treasure

How I ‘saw’ the world through my aunt’s stamp collection “Anong gagawin mo naman diyan? Kalat lang yan (What will...

By Kim FerrerSeptember 3, 2017


Have I Told You Philately?

A group in Cebu promotes the joy of stamp collecting STAMP COLLECTING or philately is a fascinating hobby that not many...

By Alexa H. BacaySeptember 3, 2017

Free For All

R.A. 10931 promises to solve the country’s education woes – but at what cost? There was a festive mood among...

By Lorraine LorenzoAugust 13, 2017


Making Sense of the Silence

The struggle is real among clinically depressed individuals   IF YOU GOOGLE the word “Filipinos” in the search engine’s images...

By Alexa H. BacayJuly 30, 2017


SONA: State of the Nation’s Aptitude (for reading)

Are Filipino kids still reading in this era of digital disruption?   EVERY THIRD TUESDAY of July, the National Children’s...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosJuly 23, 2017


Strutting on Women’s Heels

Sinon Loresca: It takes strength of character and spirit to conquer the catwalk   EARLY THIS YEAR, when 86 women from...

By Lorraine LorenzoJuly 16, 2017


Hats Off

Meet the last tabungaw maker of Abra   Gourd hats are considered a traditional craft and found in other places...

By Estan CabigasJune 11, 2017


Kingly Boots

A pair of shoes brings a simple sapatero close to the President All it took was a pair of hand-crafted...

By Raymund Magno GarlitosJune 11, 2017

Ibarra Watches

Filipino Time

Watch out for the next big thing in timepieces Filipino time is synonymous with the unsavory traits of tardiness and...

By Lorraine LorenzoJune 11, 2017